Our pricing:

(We use the first 30 minutes

of your rental to set up

and go over safety rules.)

$15/person for 1.5 hour Rental

$20/person for 2.5 hour Rental

*For large capacity events,

please reach out to us at info@manaball.us

or (530) 356 - 8760 for a quote!*


Add the giant inflatable

soccer ball for only



Ask us how to add

Manatag (ArcheryTag)

to your rental for two

hours of epic fun!

*In order to participate, every player and responsible party coordinator must sign a Liability Form. We will bring all signed forms and extras to the appointment location in case someone forgets!*

Rancho Cordova, CA

Phone Number:

530 - 356 - 8760

Email: info@manaball.us

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