Bubble ball, or mostly known as bubble football or bubble soccer in Europe, is a physical recreational sport that can be indoors/outdoors on any flat surface. We like to call ours ManaBalls for branding purposes. This revolutionary sport that’s sweeping the globe actually started out as a joke between inventors Henrick Elvestad and Johan Gold, hosts of a Norwegian comedy sports show called Golden Goal.  The pair posted a video of them playing bubble soccer on YouTube, and its popularity spread across Europe and currently spreading rapidly in China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada, and the United States. It's popularity in the United States exploded when a bubble ball company made their pitch on a hit tv show Shark Tank. The sport is building so much excitement, that its now being featured on shows like Good Morning America, Espn, and the NFL

The game itself is a cross between soccer and zorbing, a sport where an individual rolls down the side of a hill or sometimes a level surface in a giant plastic orb. The plastic orb surrounding the player in bubble soccer is similar in build but is different where these allow the player’s legs to run around freely. We call our balls ManaBalls, because our ManaBalls and customized games will not only give you the most action packed game play of your life but also help you and your fellow player grow stronger as individuals and as a team.

While we have a huge list of games, the most common game we start off with is ManaBall Soccer. The goal is to score against your opponent’s net and knock each other down while trying. This clearly defines how different ManaBall soccer is from regular soccer, full contact is not only ALLOWED but ENCOURAGED! The game pretty much starts off much like a competitive game of dodgeball. One of our referees will blow the whistle, toss a soccer ball up in the air, and the teams fearlessly rush in to the center to find and kick the soccer ball into the opposing team's goal net while knocking each other out. 

Players’ hands are fixed inside the bubble, grabbing grip handles about chest level, requiring them to maintain balance using just their legs. The ManaBall itself is worn like a backpack as inside there's also shoulder straps that keep the player locked inside the ball at all times no matter how hard or what direction they're knocked from! Basically this is bumper cars but with humans!

Ready for the most action packed hour of your life?