Why you need to start team-building now!

4 reasons you need to start team-building now

Over the past decade there has been a sea of change, with businesses moving away from the competitive working environments to workplaces where cooperation and collaboration between the staff and separate business functions is seen as the keystone to success. As a part of this change, more and more businesses are undertaking a search for change in building team unity.


Why is team building important ?

Within each Business comes responsibilities that take up the core competencies of each manager; until these accountabilities are met many organizations simply focus on old methods of team building that are now proving archaic; while these methods offered measurable return, they left out creative design and the obvious benefit of freedom from bureaucratic oversight. 

Due to exhaustive cultures within business. Research has shown outside methods must be taken into consideration to fully enliven your team and increase their overall unity.  

Why we need our employees

As seen above, in the study by M. Tanuke, without proper implementation done by employees who feel valued, the business will fail, regardless of strategies or projected cash flows. 

While team-building may not be a panacea in itself, when combined with proper business strategies it's benefits become glaringly unyielding. 

“Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it.”
— Brian Tracy



How Team Building Directly Influences Your Sales

1.       Collaboration – Any kind of activity that helps to bring employees together will start building the connection between the employees, which is an aspect of creating a bond. Going for any sporting contests, having weekly luncheons with the employees, and hosting many professional contests that include small electronics or gift cards as prizes can already be very helpful to boost the spirits of your employees. With recent innovation, and the fast pace of work unfolding due to technology and obsolescence, building a very effective team needs a positive, and fun atmosphere, where tensions and stresses may healthily be released. By building bonds, coworkers can take a necessary step forward to increasing the cohesion of the group.

Actual team building activities can involve large efforts that might cost a lot of money, or less costly but effective activities. Once in the situation team members are made to rely on each other. This might be a simple exercise of trusting that people you have never met before will catch you when you fall, or it may be a full scale weekend in teams of paintball. The most important part is the trust building and the reliance on each other as a team to succeed, creating a familial bond, as not only fellow human beings, but as brothers and sisters.

2.       Increase in productivity and performance–  An innovative approach to team-building will provide a natural change to the day to day grind; the employees can come back to the office feeling refreshed with new vision. As shown in a journal by M. Tanuke, “The rewarding and upbeat breaks can be a very essential way to clear the mind and produce a much stronger focus towards work”; therefore, team building activities play a very important role to increase your employees productivity if implemented regularly in at least quarterly iterations. Sometimes, the employers are on constant search for new helpful ideas to build the connections between the employees, provide a relaxing outlet for expression, and increase job satisfaction. And job satisfaction, all things considered on a technical standpoint, will increase productivity.

3.       Lowers Turnover – All humans crave recognition. The employees will feel that they have the support of their fellow employees that will lead to developing a sense of passion and pride in their work. Building a unified team needs engaging with the employees, and this sometimes correlates with low turnover rate. With this, you can save more money in the long run, as it only needs money to make a new hiring process. In addition to that, hiring new employees will only drain the time of a company; one aspect that can also slow down the business productivity. Businesses of all sizes must consider the benefits and opportunity costs of investing in a team-building strategy. Managers of projects may need to build cohesion in an organization unit to get a team gelling, or a small business owner may want to increase positivity, or workflow in the office atmosphere by intentionally bringing people together for a day of fun. These scenarios will not only increase retention by lowering turnover, but have an effect on the bottom-line of your business, increasing profits.

Workers who never made contact before will now have the ice-broken, and a feeling of community; and seeing them back in the office after a given event will now cater to a new bond. Teams in different functions can now understand their individual co-workers, and feel as a team during sales, or outreaches, as team-building has an affect cross-functionally due to the bond it creates.

4.       Generates a sustainable Life-Work Balance – The employees nowadays are looking for a good life-work balance. You need to understand that too much work can be a deterrent to their morale and performance. 

For instance, our company specializes in team-building activities, but also supplies after-event incentive strategies to our clients, implementing something like being caught doing something right or virtuous in policy can help the workers to feel appreciated, and because of this, they will want to give more contribution to your company.

& so much more. In order to get these benefits, you must first know how to properly go about the team-building process.


First and foremost, we believe in the importance of a brief assessment to describe the strength and weaknesses of any team. These quick assessments show where to focus the efforts.

Depending on your needs for your team, there are different activity categories to choose from which we here at ManaBall offer. 

Our focus in on creating unity to streamline success of the entire virtual chain of an organization from manufacturing, to procurement to the end customer delivery. See our list of game events and specialization or contact us for more information.

Activities can be focused around:

1.       A good break from work & a change of pace, to develop the knowledge of your employees and staff,

2.       Industry specialized games that perpetuate critical thinking in a specific field*,

3.       Removal of bottlenecks[weaknesses] that thwart productivity and creativity,

4.       Trust building,

5.       Individual growth,

6.       Morale boosting,

7.       Strengthening of communication,

8.       And collaborative thinking.

This is where passion comes in. A company will need specialization in team-building activities where you, your company and employees can benefit in a unique and innovative setting, as so there can be focus on the companies bottom line.

Offering team-building opportunities for your employees can create a sense of freedom where they find help in an organic way, which in turn strengthens the companies most value resource, its people and the relationships that make up your workforce.

How we can help

At ManaBall, our company fulfills the need in team-building activities by applying our own innovative techniques. These have had success both in & outside the office by creating a fun and exciting atmosphere targeted to each teams unique strengths and weaknesses. Our priorities range from hosting large to small event coordinations to suite any time and resource constraints. Note: We will begin with a scheduled team assessment alongside event quote, then move into the event coordination  iteration to meet needed goals of the client. 

With our company specialization, whether the employer is looking to fill in the whole workday with fun activities that can enhance the employees’ productivity and efficiency, or provide weekly luncheons or sporting contests, there is a host of benefits that any team can accrue. 

This can be a very powerful way in order to develop trust and collaboration, improve motivation, address weaknesses, and nurture the strengths. However, they need to have a real purpose and should be planned properly in order to create a genuine impact, instead of just providing an ordinary day outside the office.

So if you find your team lacking steam as of late, help us to help you.

You can contact us today in order to learn more about the necessary roles we play to help our clients in building their brand, the employees’ morale, and the overall productivity.